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The wines of the Eternal City

The wines called Roma were of very large consumption in the ancient times, and their export was so prolific that the town of Ostia became a wine emporium. Later, with the crisis of the Roman Empire and due to wars, administrative instability and heavy taxes, vine was eradicated; only later the Emperor Theodosius get the viticulture back to be a fundamental part of commerce, and source of strong profits. Moreover, “Rome” was the adjective that indicated the origin and the quality of a kind of wine: today “Roma” is a DOC that classifies wines produced in a delimited area. The most recent of Lazio’s denominations, includes one of the most important historical territories, from ancient wine traditions and from the mineral strength of the earth shaped by the Latium Volcano. Our Roma Doc are an expressive focus of all this; wines from bright and deep color, with dark and mineral olfactory sensations, and from the aromatic strength of the varieties composing the blend.

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